Management DivisionProjects Division

The Projects Division seeks to access resources available in the market, such as M&A transactions, company valuation and long term loans for new investments.

We also prepare economic opinions in cases of anti-trust, regulatory agencies and other law process in which an independent view is required by the courts or the public administration.

Mergers & acquisitions

PROFIT is the only Rio de Janeiro based consultants affiliated to the Alliance of Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors ( We operate both buy and sell sides.

Non-disclosure agreement
We work under a NDA, guaranteeing that the identity of our client or its confidential data will no be revealed without express permission

Business Valuation
We appraise new projects and existing companies, applying the discounted cash flow method adapted to Brazilian reality, and other reference methods, such as multiples of revenues, EBITDA etc, to balance the quality of the forecasts.

Market research for investors or potential sellers
We search for potential interested parties to present the business opportunity.

We assist our clients through the negotiation process, coordinating the works of the legal and tax consultants, as required.

Long Term Loans

There are two attractive options for funding new investments in Brazil, with lower interest rates than market rates. So, even companies who already have the resources to invest should consider these options, since the interest rates are lower than the cost of equity.

Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)
Applying for BNDES resources requires a business plan adapted to the banks form and an on time follow-up of the whole process, in which PROFIT has more then 20 years of experience.
The investment must be new (no change of ownership) and the client is responsible to present the collaterals required.

International Finance Corporation
IFC is the World Bank's branch for private sector funding, focusing on developing countries, also with very attractive interest rates and requiring a business plan as application.

Opinions on anti-trust, regulatory agencies and other issues

In anti-trust and regulatory agencies process of unfair market practices, it may be required an economic opinion given by third parties.

PROFIT has experience in giving opinions to those regulatory agents in cases of mergers and acquisitions (monopoly, relevant market discussions), cartel accusations, joint ventures, and regulatory issues.