Management DivisionProjects Division

The Management Division seeks to improve the resources already belonging to the company, covering corporate diagnosis, followed by suggestions in management control systems and operational development, restructure of debt profile, risk management appraisal, temporary management (external CFO) for start-ups, headhunter for financial executives and the pursuit of the best corporate governance performance, including membership of Boards of Directors.

Corporate Governance

As recommended by the best practices of Corporate Governance, at least two Independent members should compose the Board; in this case, one of our associates can by assuming a Board chair, as Corporate Governance and Finance expert.

In companies where the Board of Directors is still not in practice, we can help by put it into operation, creating standard reports, defining the top-bottom decision flow and chain of command and training future Board members in family owned companies.

Headhunter for financial executives

Based on our experience as financial executives, PROFIT offers a highly specialized executive research, covering financial, administrative and accounting fields for industrial, commercial, service companies, as well as banks and other financial institutions.

If you have former experience as chief financial officer or financial manager and are interested on being registered in our data bank, please send your resume within the e-mail, that is, without attachment, to

Temporary management for Start-Ups

Most start-ups are focused on the operational setup and cannot afford hiring an experienced financial team to handle the routines and controls indispensable for profitability, moreover when they are not yet producing income.

PROFIT offers all the financial support and advice, which may comprehend, but not limited to:

  • Helping foreign shareholders and management understand Brazilian business environment and communicating the company culture to local personnel;
  • Cash flow and treasury management regarding short and long term financial decisions;
  • Budgets;
  • Bank relationship and negotiations;
  • Strategic planning and policies with accountants, auditors, lawyers and shareholders, regarding corporate and tax issues;
  • Negotiations, on a high level, with suppliers and clients; advertising agencies; press; government (county, state and federal);
  • Support on hiring local staff in manager levels for the financial department. In fact, our suggestion is to hire middle-rank managers that will be technically reporting to us.

Corporate Diagnosis

Corporations sometimes get used to their routines, becoming incapable of questioning themselves to change what is needed and adapt market's dynamics.

The corporate diagnosis is a complete company check-up, by an independent and unbiased view. We use the Socratic method of making questions to identify the weak points in the company’s management and routines.

The investigation is conducted through all company levels, in order to thoroughly understand the information and decision flows.

This diagnosis starts with the request of company’s usual data and reports, followed by interviews with select employees and managers.

Our impressions and suggestions are presented in a full report and discussed with the top management.

Loan profile restructuring and debt cost reduction

Many capital structures are possible, each with different levels of leverage. Even so, companies may not be maximizing their own resources.

To verify this matter, the first step is to prepare a detailed cash flow, determining the future income and disbursements, devising the best debt profile and scheme of payment.

Based on the financial information provided, we propose viable alternatives to be negotiated with banks and other credit institutions.

It is usually necessary to review the strategy after obtaining feedback from all parties involved in the negotiations.

Budget and Financial planning

Company’s Budget is a powerful management tool that allows a comprehensive understanding of the long-term challenges, such as the economic environment and the present and potential competitors.

PROFIT has also developed a simple and efficient system to monitor and predict the company’s short-term cash flow in the Treasury level. We coach the company's personnel to questioning its daily financial position, considering the needs of different departments at the same time.